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CPAP is an air pressure system used to treat sleep disorders by helping regulate breathing. It’s critical patients receive proper fitting and directions for the CPAP equipment, and these should be done by a healthcare professional. Daniel Norman, MD, of Santa Monica Sleep Disorders Center offers CPAP care for patients in and around Santa Monica, California. Call for a consultation or appointment today.


What’s CPAP therapy?

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, and is most commonly used for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. CPAP machines provide air at a constant prescribed pressure as a patient sleeps to ensure that they have uninterrupted breathing patterns. CPAP machines deliver air to the person using a tube and a CPAP mask. The continuous stream of air eliminates sleep apnea events, which allows the person to get a restful sleep. CPAP is the first and most effective choice, nonsurgical treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

What’s treatment like?

CPAP therapy can be delivered either through a nasal mask that seals around the nose, through nasal pillows which seal at the nasal opening, or through full face masks for those who breathe through both the nose and mouth. Proper mask fitting very is important as it directly impacts continued use of the CPAP therapy. CPAP machine work by continuously blowing air into the throat, to expand the walls of the throat much like blowing into a balloon expands the balloon to keep it inflated. This air pressure is adjusted to overcome snoring, minimize disruption of sleep, and is administered via a machine the size of a clock-radio that sits on the nightstand. Modern CPAP devices have a heated humidifier to moisturize the air for comfort, are extremely quiet, and even have APPS available for download on your smartphone so patients can monitor their own therapy.

How effective is CPAP?

CPAP is a proven top choice for a non-surgical treatment that effectively treats sleep apnea and decreases daytime sleepiness. CPAP users also experience fewer heart issues. For instance, studies have shown that when people with moderate or severe sleep apnea use a CPAP machine, they can also lower their blood pressure.To learn more about how Dr. Norman can help your sleep apnea, or to learn more about the CPAP machine, call the offices today.

Major Insurances Providers Accepted

At Santa Monica Sleep Disorders Center, we are in-network with many major PPO plans, and are Medicare providers. Please check with us to see if our practice is included in your health insurance network. Please be sure to provide your insurance information prior to your first visit, and update us if your insurance status changes so that we can check benefits and process claims in the most efficient manner.

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